Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello winter!

Well, I guess we had to get snow sometime....

I just got in from an 8.5 mile run and felt pretty good. I was mentally thrown off though because I planned to run earlier in the day after my yoga class (I am def a morning runner), but then was told I started new yoga classes today for Hingham High School (which was awesome!). So, I packed a bag full of warm winter running gear, threw on my sneakers and off I went. My mind was playing games with me, and I kept thinking I was going to have an awful run after teaching 3 classes in a row. And there was snow on the sidewalks... yuck.

I taught my regular 10am yoga class, and then began my high school class for the Hingham Crew Team. Out of 30 kids, only 2 had taken a yoga class before and they were ready to learn! They caught on really quick, and even though there were some groans coming from the class during some of the leg and hip stretches, they really liked it! I was really impressed by how seriously they took the class and a few of them asked me to write down everything we did so they could do it again during the week. I have to hand it to their coach.... what a great idea to get his team of 30 teenagers (boys and girls) to get involved with yoga at such a young age.  I am so excited to be teaching this group for the next few months!

So after yoga, I went out for my run around 3:00. I started at Sandy Beach in Cohasset and did a loop of the town, finishing my run down Jerusalem Road which is my favorite stretch to run. It was my first time running with snow on the sidewalks, and half of my run was on the street with bare pavement, which quite frankly scared the crap out of me. I was paying so much attention to oncoming traffic that I forgot about how cold it was! Around mile 5, my iPod died. It took incredible mental strength to get through the last 3.5 miles because I HAVE to run with music. It keeps me going when I no longer wanna go, but thank God it lasted as long as it did. During the time that I didn't have music, I remembered that my iPod had a full battery when I started my run so I figured it died from being cold. After all, my Cliff Bar was rock solid, so I guess my iPod could have just been "cold" too. However, its still not working. I have no idea what happened to it, and as a yoga and spin instructor who teaches 16 classes a week, my iPod is my life and I use it multiple times a day! I guess a trip to Apple is in my near future....

I came home, took a hot, hot shower, and made a juice. Pat and I bought a juicer this week and have been having a blast trying different recipes. I almost like it as much as the foam roller I purchased this week too (My IT band has never hated/loved me so much.)

Here is one of our favorite recipes so far....
- 1/4 of a Pineapple
- 1 mango (cored)
- 2 cups of orange juice
- A head of romaine lettuce

Juice it all together, and this makes enough for 2 juices! YUM!

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm!

Happy running,

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